Making a Chemex coffee is like a ritual for slow mornings or an after- noon relaxing . Not only that is a method classic of preparation of coffee but, it is and one of the most popular in big part due to the combination of a design elegant, of the ease its of use and the divine, clear aromas of coffee it brings in the cup.

What makes this infusion method is unique?

Chemex is a coll, basic product for the shelf of any specialty cafe. Almost certainly ai saw her proudly positioned in the local cafe or a appeared on the feed your Instagram in time browsing through specialty coffee videos. However, you may not > you know that this hipster-looking vessel was actually invented 80 years ago – it has existed since 1940s and was invented in the US by Peter Schlumbohm. Although simple, the glass balloon with wooden collar and leather tie radiates a pure refinement. The hourglass vessel was not modified by la the invention sa . Its design is so remarkable that Chemex has become part of the permanent from to Brooklyn Museum, Corning Glass Museum and New York Museum of Modern Art.

In Continue we we present recipe ours for a coffee delicious < / span> done la Chemex , but and a few tips and tricks for get the mai good cup of coffee.

Essentials – Why need to make coffee with Chemex

It’s simple. Items essential are coffee maker Chemex and specialty coffee, fresh fried :).

You also need grinder , kettle, scales , paper filter and timer. Because ground coffee loses loses aroma In just 30 seconds, it’s essential that grains to be fresh grind every time you make a coffee.


For this recipe we used an infusion ratio of 1:14, ie 280g of water (plus an additional amount for rinsing the filter before preparation) and 20 g of coffee. The preparation time is 2:30 min.

Prepare the water, heated to about 93 degrees in the kettle. Weigh and grind the 20g of coffee on average.

Tip: enjoy the aroma of freshly ground berries!

Place the filter in the Chemex so that the triple portion of the paper faces the nozzle. Pour a little hot water to rinse the filter. This heats the glass and removes any taste of filter paper. This water is being thrown away!

Place the Chemex on the scale and set it to zero.


Place the ground coffee in the filter and then pour 40 ml of water lightly, in circular motions, starting from the center to the outside until all the coffee is moistened. This is the pre-infusion stage, called blooming, which allows the coffee to remove some of the gas.

Wait about 30 seconds before continuing to pour the rest of the water in circular motions, charging to keep a constant level.





Once the Chemex is full, remove the filter and you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Pretty simple, right? Here is the beauty of Chemex – in essence, hot water is poured over the ground coffee.