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You know that moment when you taste a good coffee, but you realize that it is actually extraordinary and you say "Mmm ... That's PRETTY GOOD" ?

That's the moment we want you to have everyday, with each coffee.
Roasted with Love

November Box Roasters

Friedhats Coffee Roasters

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ditta Artigianale

Florence, Italy

November Box

Love your coffee

How does it work?

It's simple, very simple 🙂 And you are a few steps away from enjoying an extraordinary coffee, roasted by the most famous roasters in the World.

How it works

1. Welcome to the website

You are already here, so you already did the first step. Well done 🙂

2. Making the perfect match with your coffee

You choose the subscription that best represents you, enter your card details and your payment will be confirmed by email every month

3. You return to your life

You return to your life, looking forward to the 5th of the month. 

4. Your coffee's journey is complete.

You choose the subscription that best represents you, enter your card details and your payment will be confirmed by email every month

The quote that we had in mind when we started this project:

"You should wake up to drink coffee, not the other way around"

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Choose your coffee subscription box and we will make sure we choose and deliver the best coffees and origins to you, month after month.

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This is what you probably missed 🙂

But don't worry, we have amazing things planned for next months.

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Choosen by experts, especially for you

In our cupping process, we test and select the coffees that will perfect fit for each box, so we are sure that you will discover the most amazing notes from this origins.


Find answer to your questions.

We tested and we  are continuously testing with various espresso machines and filters. And from our experience we tell you that an average of 30 coffees can be made from a box of 2 bags.

Nothing :). Seriously, nothing at all. Your order is renewed every month, payment is made automatically using Stripe and we deliver your coffee on the same day of each month. Everything designed for you to enjoy the best specialty coffee every month without worrying about anything else.

We love this question and are happy to test many samples of coffee before each month to choose the best origins for you.

We deliver your coffee in its natural form, whole beans. Even though it would be easier sometimes to grind for you, we know it will never be as good as when you grind it at home.

Why? Because you want to preserve the freshness and integrity of the coffee. So we will deliver your coffee exactly as it comes from the roaster, as whole beans, without altering it in any way.

But we don’t leave you like that, we are happy to help you buy your first grinder for espresso, filter, mocha, etc. Either it’s from us or from another store. No strings attached.

Of course. You are free to change your subscription whenever you want. You can change the number of bags at any time directly from your account.

Uh, nice question. We work with the best roasters in the World and we keep search for new ones, in order to offer you the best coffee for the most beautiful days.

We all need a break. Sometimes a longer one, where we can recharge our batteries and take a short  break from our everyday life. If you don’t want to take your coffee with you on vacation that month, no problem. You can suspend your subscription from “My Account”, where you can find the “Suspend” button or you can write to us on the Contact page and we will happily do this for you. Please tell us this by the 25th of this month.

We’re super glad to hear that. In specialty coffee, most of the time, the farm lots are small, and the roasteries are finishing them very fast, sometimes from one week to the next. We talk to them, reserve our lots and do our best to deliver them to you in that month. If you liked a coffee and you really want to get it, please write to us and we will talk with the roaster to see how we can help you.

Coffee bags delivered with Love :)
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